Changing “Games” & Elbows | Episode 5 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 93 min

here things start getting stitched together, the distance is closing with balance.

Episode 5 Moving Between “Games” & Master Elbows is now published, the video above is an 8 minute trailer from that session featuring Karuhat on elbows, a master of the cutting elbow who won many high profile fights with a timely snikt. In this trailer he shows the lightness of touch he uses on the front elbow, and the roll of the shoulder and lean out that defeat’s hand pressure. See the On Demand Intensive Library here.  You can watch the full 93 minute commentary video of this session on in that Library. Purchase of the video lends support to legends of the ring as Karuhat gets 55% of the net proceeds; patrons get a substantial discount (you can purchase Episode 5 after the trailer below, or look to Episode 5 in the full list):

Moving Between “Games” & Master Elbows – Karuhat Intensive Day 7 from Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu on Vimeo.

In this session my “how to read” lesson I took a little bit of a leap, brought about perhaps by mixing in knees to balance out my hands and calibrate my distance. Karuhat really took to this and folded my knee strikes into the lesson, showing me how to track the open side. When elbows came into the flow he started a micro lesson on how to throw elbows that in style are somewhat unique to him. You can read about what kinds of tactical “games” Karuhat is teaching in Kevin’s Training Notes post Four Internal Games From Southpaw.

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