Working Past “Stop” | Episode 10 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 83 min

one of the central issues in my Muay Thai has been the built in "stop" I've inserted in my movements -- I work on this

Working in Karuhat’s fluidity has produced a lot of revelations, but perhaps the biggest one is how often I have inserted a “stop” or hesitation in my movements. Sometimes it’s a mental issue where I stop an attack after an error to self-criticize or even after a successful moment, but it is also in lots of hesitations that I’ve made part of my rhythm. In this session as I reach for the continuity that Karuhat exhibits I struggle through the growing awareness of those hesitations. It can be anything from taking too many smaller steps, to hanging my block while I think, or switch stepping when I can simply stride. Karuhat is focused on cutting those out making my movements more continuous, and eventually my decision process as well.

Episode 10. Above is a free 6 minute extended clip, but you can watch the full 83 minute commentary video of this session on Vimeo On Demand. Purchase of the video lends support to legends of the ring as Karuhat gets 55% of the net proceeds; patrons get a substantial discount (you can purchase Episode 10 after the trailer below, or look to Episode 10 in the full list):


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My dedication is to the study of Muay Thai and the preservation of its techniques and culture as both a fighter and a journalist-documentarian. In my 6+ years of living in Thailand I have fought more than 200 times, more than any western man or woman.
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