Post-Training Vlog #4 – Emotional Fray and Gaining Feeling | Karuhat Intensive 6.0

getting more feeling for Chatchai's pivot, relentless sparring with Karuhat

my post-training vlog #2. In this vlog I talk a little about how I’m gaining feeling for Chatchai’s weight-transfer, especially on the jab. Previously, in a more beginner stage, the transfer was almost entirely onto the back foot, but in this session I started to feel how it also is on the front foot a little, in a kind of tension. And Karuhat couldn’t make our last session so this morning he gave me about 2 hours of continuous sparring and teaching through sparring, which is his method. So good, but very frustrating. Things are made a little worse by conjunctivitis which has weakened me a little too, so I’m really treading water at this moment.

You’ll be able to watch all these sessions with full commentary on my Sylvie Study on Demand channel. Karuhat’s sessions will first be voiced and put up one by one, and then the Chatchai sessions will go up after that.

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My dedication is to the study of Muay Thai and the preservation of its techniques and culture as both a fighter and a journalist-documentarian. In my 6+ years of living in Thailand I have fought more than 200 times, more than any western man or woman.
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