Intensive Training Vlog – The Silver Cloud | Training Vlog #7

these 6 weeks in Bangkok have been very hard, but today I had a break through

Above is my 7th training vlog in the Intensive series, just a day like all the rest, but somehow I seemed to reach a point where I just came over the hill. These 6 weeks have tested me in all the areas I am weak, but it has been making me strong, and somehow today, just a few hours ago, I came on out on the other side. It wasn’t a big revelation, it was just a feeling I got in shadowboxing. I liken it to glimpsing the shore. You can see where to swim.

You can see all the vlogs in the series here.

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My dedication is to the study of Muay Thai and the preservation of its techniques and culture as both a fighter and a journalist-documentarian. In my 6+ years of living in Thailand I have fought more than 200 times, more than any western man or woman.
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