1st Full Day – A Little Brutal and Very Tiring | Training Vlog #3

this was just non-stop from 9 am to 7 pm...and it is only the beginning

Vlog from the 1st completely full day of training. Today, the first day, was a tad overwhelming. We had already proposed a very tight schedule for myself including all the time needed for voiceover, editing and uploading and it all got thrown out of whack as after my morning session with Chatchai, as Karuhat had trouble with the taxi and was about 2 hours late. This meant so much shadowboxing while I waited, which probably was a good thing, but it also meant that I was going from about 8 am all the way until 8 pm. We were driving across Bangkok almost as soon as we arrived home from Chatchai’s headed to Dejrat Gym for a very intense session.

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My dedication is to the study of Muay Thai and the preservation of its techniques and culture as both a fighter and a journalist-documentarian. In my 6+ years of living in Thailand I have fought more than 200 times, more than any western man or woman.
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