Relentless Rhythms | Episode 8 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 92 min

this was maybe the most important day of training so far...

The training the evening before this was fluid and fun, but on this day I felt totally different. This was probably the most important day of all my training so far because I was split into two Sylvies. Internally nothing seemed to be working right, I was very self-critical, and the session felt grueling. I had uncovered a major secret to Karuhat’s style, which is that you just say on rhythm, and you never stop. Every step back, every block, every time your foot goes down or your opponent’s foot goes down in a moment for action or fake, and it just felt like drowning. But, if you look at me in this session I’m almost completely placid and I’ve never looked as on balance, as on-beat as this ever. It shows that I’m learning his style in a deep way. My mind and experience, my inner monologue. didn’t realize how good I was doing. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had watched this video. Karuhat turned up the pressure – not with strikes, but with the unique way he has of changing tempo and beat – and somehow I was right there on it.  There is a lot to be seen in this session, all the parts were starting to come together.

You can listen to the entire session as a podcast here.

Episode 8. At page top is an extended 12 minute clip, but below you can watch the full 92 minute commentary video of this session on Vimeo On Demand. Purchase of the video or subscription lends support to legends of the ring as Karuhat gets 55% of the net proceeds; patrons get a substantial discount (you can purchase Episode 8 after the trailer below, or look to Episode 8 in the full list):



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My dedication is to the study of Muay Thai and the preservation of its techniques and culture as both a fighter and a journalist-documentarian. In my 6+ years of living in Thailand I have fought more than 200 times, more than any western man or woman.
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  • SW
    25 April 2018 at 1:34 am

    Thanks for documenting these training sessions! You are looking really good -especially in this latest video.

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  • SW
    25 April 2018 at 2:23 am

    Also wanted to let you know I’ve been trying some of these “games” in sparring class the last couple weeks and I think these videos have helped. Watching the slow, repetitive sparring and having Karuhat’s strategy broken down into small manageable games has helped me get some composure. I watch lots of other technique/breakdown videos online and these have made the most difference for me so far. I actually don’t study Muay Thai but kickboxing so I never heard of Karuhat, but I am now a fan.

    Usually depending on the day or who I am sparring with, I either have no game plan and my body feels locked up and unwilling to kick or move or I have too many ideas or techniques jumbled in my head and end up all over the place, exhausting myself. But I’ve felt noticeably more in control the last couple times and more able to disrupt and slow down fast or aggressive people if I need to.

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